Saturday, 14 November 2015

bye mid break :(

Hello there.. *waving*

So, I've done with my one week break. Nothing much to say but why time flies so fast???? Haih... There, there... I started to feels homesick again..

You know what, even my break are just short compared to before but guess what, I think this  is the good, nayy, this one is the best one!!! I did not go anywhere since it was a short one, but then i feels so great. but its okay, home is the better place, is it?

Oh, we wore the same colour of scarf apparently..

both are my baby girl... 

the reason why i am the picky-kinda person, hmmm :)

p/s : I just received text from my little sister sending bunch of messages.. Huda! We were just apart for not more than 3 hours yet hahahaha.. I love you too... :(

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