Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Alhamdulillah and i would like to thank Allah for giving me another opportunity to stay live for today. Alhadulillah.  Sometimes i was wondering, why there're not many people feeling grateful for what they get.the rich will keeps on wanting the 'rich' and the poor will neglect everything sometimes to also find thet 'rich'.. You left your solat, you left your family and you sometimes left the only small basic things that perhaps might be the biggest way for you to go to the most better place(syurga).

well its a riminder for me though, lets tighten our faith and iman okay.

i would like to take part of maher zain's
        How beautiful, is this worldly life
      But not a soul shall remain

      We all come into this world
      Only to leave it one day
      I can see that everything around me
      Rises then fades away
      Life is just a passing moment
      Nothing is meant to stay, oh...

always bear in mind that this will be my place im going soon. insha Allah :)

p/s : 
مَنْ دَلَّ عَلَى خَيْرٍ فَلَهُ مِثْلُ أَجْرِ فَاعِلِهِ
Artinya: "Barangsiapa yang menunjukkan kepada sebuah kebaikan maka baginya seperti pahala pelakunya. [ riwayat Muslim]."

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Help Nurul somebody!!


guyss, SOS!SOS!

Nurul had food poisoning... poor her, and the worst part is that she'll be having Process Writing paper for the next day.

So, make it short, Nurul asked us to accompany her for a jog that evening. we were hanging around Tasik Mas, looking at the ducks, peacock and of courseee swans.. awhh, i dont know that UUM got all this hahaha.. okay, okay.. Another 'make it short', After having jog for almost 15 minutes "wait, its still a jog right", i believe that selfie is a must..*teheee*

there's mr duck...

are you just poking me??

for the sake of NURUL, lets exercise!!

p/s : are the pond's board stated that "NOT ALLOWED TO FISHING HERE" is supposed to be understood right??
#theresmanycrazymanstillfishingthere #theyshoutatus #ihatchuu

Wedding time...

Assalamualaikum. olla ;)

Remembered the last post? the one that im telling about my final examinations which is just around the corner?? so, on last 26th of December, my roommate asks me to accompany her to go her cousin's wedding. i was like?? wedding? seriously??

So, because of too kesian with her, i said 'okaylah'. so we rent a car *syirah wants the manual one*. there were 5 of us going there and yes including izza. even izza's dad gave us money for renting since we accompany her little girl. we decided to leave at 9 am (we dont even know where's the wedding will be at) and Alhamdulillah safely arrived about 10.30am. then we go the hall's and then yat were asking if we would like to go to Aman Central. i said 'okayla', we go and spent about 2 hours there.

For me, its been my second time i've been to wedding with my friends, but as for izza, its her first time.(trust me, you can see her eyes sprinkles all day long). its a good thing that she had the experience of bringing her girlfriends for let say the first time.

here's my tnb girlfriends

you can see only two garl are ready .

awh, as always i would be syirah's hero.. in bringing powerbank and foood

finally, a perfect family photo :)

p/s : guyss, remembered Kembang?? He turns into a monster!!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Making a videeeoo

Asssalamualaikum peeps :)

so, 2015 has comes to its end.. i just, wow, how come this year flow too fast?? did i realize 'em?? hahhaha.. anyway end of the year means that final examinations is 'on calling'. haih..
and theres tonnes of assignments, quizzes and project paper that should be submitted!

for yesterday, i've completed my islamic banking management last assignment. and get my carry marks somemore. *dont ask!*. so, we've been assigned to do the video. A completed video on report that we've been submitted.  so the group members which consists of syirah, yat and i myself tried our best to make it done in a DAY!

Alhamdulillah, its finally done. :)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

busy week..


Mm kinda no mood on posting anything. Only something popped in my mind just now.

How can there could be so many ants in my room?

Saturday, 5 December 2015



Last thursday was great. yayaya, i know its belated already to post about that day.. Sorry..

So, my TNB'ians plans for a short escaped for us. We went to Kuala Perlis for dinner!!! But, the hint behind the escape is that i had run from meeting. huhuhu.. Shhh, dont tell Gary about this or he'll killed me!

Even im staying in Kedah, but i've never been there. Okay, shame on meeee...:( it was so near and yet, i still couldn't make it going there. The food was great. there are so many stalls there and mostly are selling the same kind of dishes. When you walk through the stalls, you could see raw clams, crabs, squids and different kinds of fishes and they were all the same kind as you walk and walk till the end of the stalls. All you need to do is just choose and they'll cook for you.

However, one thing that i really dont like about those stalls. They were too AGGRESSIVE!! Did you understand me?? TOO AGGRESSIVE! They will approach you, surrounds you, and theres about two or three stall have already prepared the table and chairs and even were about to take order. ALREADY?? Oh Allah, i really hate that part! It makes us as if we 're the criminals and are not allowed to even walk till the end.. haih..

Anyway, we chose one of the stalls, Mona's if im not mistaken. Wait, theres a funny stories behind this stalls. When i was passed by that stalls, suddenly there was a super-beautiful girl approach us *see:(*.
But then, theres something wierd with 'her' voice. hahahaha.. he is a MAN guyss!! Ehem, a transvatite to be more specific, hahahaha.. okay okay, hold hold. Dont laugh baby, so, 'she' served us when we ordered ikan kerapu, tomyam, some squids, sate and others.. But hello, the food is super-awesome woiii..
there there, the one with pinky shirt. awww, she soo pwetty i know.


it was soooo long time that i really wanted to meet you bebeh..

P/S: Please please dont tell Gary

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black and Red Dinner


Remember the previous post that i'm telling you guys the one that pack with events, programs and all. So here i would like to share to you guys about that.

So, Syirah's event has been successful run on 26th of November, Thursday. I think for the first big club and society event, she had done her super-best in handling the event. Alhamdulillah, the dinner went smooth as what we're planning before. A day before we did the final preparation in Pusat Budaya. We've packed the goodies, doing the photobooth stuffs, decorating here and there. *even the boys had to do the decoration......

Overall, we're having soooooo much fun. With the perfomances *prepared by me*, lucky draws and presenting the MR BLACK and MRS RED.. anyway, sorts of problem do come on that night but we manage to handle 'em. Again, Alhamdulillah......

the right one is my 'pengarah projek'

'parti bujang'

team SRN

my babies shall be presented as the best girls.

p/s : its good to meet new people. ;)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lets escape!!!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum and hye all. *waving

Its 10.58 pm and i just got back from Alor Setar. Basically, i HAVE to go her since Syirah forced me to. tehee..
so, actually we went there searching for those hampers, presents, goodies and all for Syirah's dinner. We've went to wholesale-kinda mall at the back of Shahab Perdana, flower shop, tesco, night market and even Mayang's house at Gunung Keriang.
Nothing much to tell. Just tired and goodnight. BYE


awwh, look at this sleeping beauty  ;)

and..... my fav part guysss

p/s : Ramdan said ' im scared of you guys'   ;)

Saturday, 14 November 2015

bye mid break :(

Hello there.. *waving*

So, I've done with my one week break. Nothing much to say but why time flies so fast???? Haih... There, there... I started to feels homesick again..

You know what, even my break are just short compared to before but guess what, I think this  is the good, nayy, this one is the best one!!! I did not go anywhere since it was a short one, but then i feels so great. but its okay, home is the better place, is it?

Oh, we wore the same colour of scarf apparently..

both are my baby girl... 

the reason why i am the picky-kinda person, hmmm :)

p/s : I just received text from my little sister sending bunch of messages.. Huda! We were just apart for not more than 3 hours yet hahahaha.. I love you too... :(

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Discover'ation' DETECTED!

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps...:)

Basically i'm creating this new blog as it is my Computer Application in Management (STID) 's assignment. So as the first post, lemme tell you guys about myself, okay. ;)

So, my name is Nurul Husna binti Ramlan and you guys can call me Husna. You know what, I think i shall tell you guys something. *wink*. i had told you that you can call me by short as Husna rite... but actually i am a girl with hmmm, various names.. during my secondary schools, all my teachers, friends do called me as Yon or Kak Yon. I know its weird right? while i'm in matriculation time, they changed my name into Una, Nuna or Naa somewhat. see?? I told yaa..:( But then,  i think anything could fits me. You can either call me Husna, Yon, Una, or anything as you wish as long as i could still replied 'YES??'.*tehee*

I was born on 10th of October on 1995. So, here a-twenty-year-old-girl are waving~~~. i am originally born and came from Sungai Petani, Kedah. Since my mother is a kind garden teacher, so i received my very-very first learning with her and then proceed into father barre convent in primary and secondary school. Alhamdulillah, after received good results in my SPM, I then continued my study in Kedah Matriculation College and proceed in UUM for my degree level. *waving* Well, here i am taking a banking courses and are already in semester three for this year.

what else to say ah? shall i tell you my hobby, future occupation-to-be, what i did during my leisure times, bla bla bla..
Nayyy. I guess 'no need' should be the answer right?? Hahaha, okay okay. So, i wanted to be a lecturer soon *don't ask me in what prospect*. Its going to be a fake stories if i tell you i love reading, but i somehow love to read novels. Seriously!! Both can be, either English or Malay one and any kind of books. not a pet lover, but i do tried my best to 'stay nearer' towards them!:( huhuhu...

Its 2.26 am and I shall stop for here. Well, an introduction should be this 'short' right??
Good night. Assalamualaikum....

p/s: my roommate sleeps soundly. huhu..

oh, haii... (she is the girl im telling you, the name with different one..) 

and.. here, meet Kembang. See, i told yaa, i tried my best to become 'sweet girl'.