Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Help Nurul somebody!!


guyss, SOS!SOS!

Nurul had food poisoning... poor her, and the worst part is that she'll be having Process Writing paper for the next day.

So, make it short, Nurul asked us to accompany her for a jog that evening. we were hanging around Tasik Mas, looking at the ducks, peacock and of courseee swans.. awhh, i dont know that UUM got all this hahaha.. okay, okay.. Another 'make it short', After having jog for almost 15 minutes "wait, its still a jog right", i believe that selfie is a must..*teheee*

there's mr duck...

are you just poking me??

for the sake of NURUL, lets exercise!!

p/s : are the pond's board stated that "NOT ALLOWED TO FISHING HERE" is supposed to be understood right??
#theresmanycrazymanstillfishingthere #theyshoutatus #ihatchuu

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