Saturday, 5 December 2015



Last thursday was great. yayaya, i know its belated already to post about that day.. Sorry..

So, my TNB'ians plans for a short escaped for us. We went to Kuala Perlis for dinner!!! But, the hint behind the escape is that i had run from meeting. huhuhu.. Shhh, dont tell Gary about this or he'll killed me!

Even im staying in Kedah, but i've never been there. Okay, shame on meeee...:( it was so near and yet, i still couldn't make it going there. The food was great. there are so many stalls there and mostly are selling the same kind of dishes. When you walk through the stalls, you could see raw clams, crabs, squids and different kinds of fishes and they were all the same kind as you walk and walk till the end of the stalls. All you need to do is just choose and they'll cook for you.

However, one thing that i really dont like about those stalls. They were too AGGRESSIVE!! Did you understand me?? TOO AGGRESSIVE! They will approach you, surrounds you, and theres about two or three stall have already prepared the table and chairs and even were about to take order. ALREADY?? Oh Allah, i really hate that part! It makes us as if we 're the criminals and are not allowed to even walk till the end.. haih..

Anyway, we chose one of the stalls, Mona's if im not mistaken. Wait, theres a funny stories behind this stalls. When i was passed by that stalls, suddenly there was a super-beautiful girl approach us *see:(*.
But then, theres something wierd with 'her' voice. hahahaha.. he is a MAN guyss!! Ehem, a transvatite to be more specific, hahahaha.. okay okay, hold hold. Dont laugh baby, so, 'she' served us when we ordered ikan kerapu, tomyam, some squids, sate and others.. But hello, the food is super-awesome woiii..
there there, the one with pinky shirt. awww, she soo pwetty i know.


it was soooo long time that i really wanted to meet you bebeh..

P/S: Please please dont tell Gary

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