Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Wedding time...

Assalamualaikum. olla ;)

Remembered the last post? the one that im telling about my final examinations which is just around the corner?? so, on last 26th of December, my roommate asks me to accompany her to go her cousin's wedding. i was like?? wedding? seriously??

So, because of too kesian with her, i said 'okaylah'. so we rent a car *syirah wants the manual one*. there were 5 of us going there and yes including izza. even izza's dad gave us money for renting since we accompany her little girl. we decided to leave at 9 am (we dont even know where's the wedding will be at) and Alhamdulillah safely arrived about 10.30am. then we go the hall's and then yat were asking if we would like to go to Aman Central. i said 'okayla', we go and spent about 2 hours there.

For me, its been my second time i've been to wedding with my friends, but as for izza, its her first time.(trust me, you can see her eyes sprinkles all day long). its a good thing that she had the experience of bringing her girlfriends for let say the first time.

here's my tnb girlfriends

you can see only two garl are ready .

awh, as always i would be syirah's hero.. in bringing powerbank and foood

finally, a perfect family photo :)

p/s : guyss, remembered Kembang?? He turns into a monster!!

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